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“Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven”

Through disobedience, Adam lost his relationship with his Father God, Creator of the world. In addition, mankind, through Adam, lost the dominion of earth, which broke God’s heart.
That dominion was legally transferred to Satan, whose sole purpose is to kill, steal and destroy.
As we travel to Heaven, we witness God and Jesus discussing the need of a redeemer to bring mankind back to the heart of God.
We see Jesus graciously accept the challenge to humble Himself by becoming human and doing the only thing that will enable man to again have a personal relationship with the Father God.
That is through His ultimate sacrifice of shedding His blood on the cross.
As Jesus leaves the purity and peace of Heaven, you will see the thread of love that He lived and shared with everyone which expressed the love of God.
As He ministered, people were asking,

  • Who is this Jesus?
  • What is His purpose?
  • What is this Kingdom He is talking about?
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Mystery of the Keys of the Kingdom Jesus’s Gift for a Life of Victory

I found a profound statement that Jesus said to Peter and His disciples. “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth, will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

I began to ponder what those “keys” were and I believe the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit gave me five keys that will unlock the mystery.

What are those keys and how can they change your life? These keys, independent of each other, may be familiar to you, but put together we will have victory over the strategies of the devil.

I believe this book, Mystery of the Keys of the Kingdom will help us see the power and authority that Jesus delivered to the Church as a result of His blood sacrifice on the cross and obtain trust in Jesus and ultimately the peace everyone is looking for today.

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